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The 5 Best Practices for Evaluating ERP

Posted by Amy Knust on July 22, 2015

Determining that your existing tools are not working with your current or future business objectives is just the beginning; from the awareness stage, you have to move to action. Defining your business needs, current processes and functionality gaps, and future growth areas is absolutely necessary for implementing a tool that works with your business both now and years from now. 

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Topics: Business Planning, Solution Selection, ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, Evaluating ERP Systems, Best Practices, Project Scoping

3 Keys to Building Your Business' Human Firewall

Posted by Mike Arvidson on July 16, 2015

Let’s face it, breaches are fast becoming a probability rather than merely a possibility. Gone are the days when business leaders could naïvely shake off the threat with an air of “it’ll never happen to us.” Rather, data and systems security is now finding its rightful place in the organizational structure: The boardroom.

The C-suite is beginning to take note of the rising risk level, thanks in large part to the high-profile attacks of the past few years, and while developing a solid defense-in-depth strategy is absolutely essential today, it is important to remember that your tools are only one piece of the protection pie. A security foundation backed in technology is critical, but you cannot overlook how your people and processes fit into the mix.

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Topics: Consulting & Advisory, Business Planning, IT Security & Compliance, IT Infrastructure, Data Protection, Awareness Training, Breaches, Internal Security Operations, Tips on Security Training, Human Firewall, Cybersecurity, Social Engineering

Computing Power Just Got an Impressive Upgrade

Posted by Eide Bailly on July 10, 2015

IBM announced this week a significant breakthrough in advancing today’s computing capabilities, temporarily soothing mounting market concerns over the long-term sustainability of Moore’s Law. The company unveiled a 7-nanometer node chip that is substantially more efficient, offers nearly four times the current capacity, and represents more than a 50% power-to-performance increase.

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Topics: Consulting & Advisory, Business Planning, IT Infrastructure, Business Analytics, IBM, What Does It Mean, Moore's Law, Microelectronics, 7nm Technology, Emerging Technologies, Microprocessor Chip, Innovation, Computing Power

Why Your Family Vacation Might Look Different This Summer

Posted by D.C. Lucas on July 2, 2015

As the summer holiday rolls on and the Fourth of July approaches, you, like myself and many of my colleagues, may be planning a family vacation with the kids to the land of perpetual mayhem – theme parks. But this year could look a little different than years past.

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Topics: Consulting & Advisory, Business Planning, Business Analytics, Digital Experience, Executive Leadership, Disney, MagicBand, Wearable Devices, Big Data, internet of things, Customer Experience, Fourth of July, Disney World, IoT Examples, Real World Examples

The 2 Strategies for an Effective ERP Evaluation

Posted by Amy Knust on June 26, 2015

If my last post on the 6 tell-tale signs you've outgrown your ERP resonated with you, you may now be wondering where to go from here. Evaluating the latest technologies against your defined business requirements is a necessary process when selecting and implementing a best fit solution for your business, enabling you to effectively address challenges and achieve your organizational goals. Once you have determined that you need to undergo a business assessment, you must determine what approach you will take to perform the assessment. There are two differing strategies for effectively identifying the right solution to grow your business to the next level, both with pros and cons that leaders must weigh before moving forward in the process.

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Topics: Consulting & Advisory, Business Planning, Solution Selection, Evaluation Strategies, How To Choose the Right System, Requirements Gathering, Enterprise Resource Planning, Defining Business Needs, How To Assess Your Business, Evaluating ERP Systems, ERP & CRM

Big Data Isn't the Answer

Posted by Scott Kost on June 19, 2015

It’s hard to go on a business forum these days without being bombarded with “big data” proclamations. The idea that your business is sitting on a stockpile of information that will send your profits through the roof is a hard value proposition to ignore, but how much of that is true?

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Topics: Consulting & Advisory, Business Analytics, Meta Data, Executive Leadership, Analytics, Technology, Business Applications, Big Data, Data Analysis, Data Management, Data-Mining, Best Practices

Protecting Your Bottom-Line | What is Your Data Worth?

Posted by Joe Tillman on June 10, 2015

With the many recent and well publicized data intrusions in the news as of late – not to mention our numerous posts discussing the importance of data security in the 21st century – you may be wondering how detrimental a potential breach would be to your business’ bottom-line.

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Topics: Business Planning, IT Security & Compliance, Security, Company Data Breach Costs, Data as an Expense, Verizon DBIR, Ponemon Institute, Research and Trends, Types of Data Breaches

IT Today | The Bimodal Balance

Posted by Shelley Earsley on June 5, 2015


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Topics: Consulting & Advisory, Mobility, Business Planning, Application Development, IT Infrastructure, Efficient Systems, Executive Leadership, Agile Technology, Iterative IT, Time-to-Market, Business Process, Business Driven IT, Bimodal IT, DevOps, Flexible IT, Balancing Conflicting Demands

Thinking Outside the Box | The Real-World Relevance of Today’s Technologies

Posted by Joe Tillman on May 28, 2015

Finding your misplaced keys in your house.
Ensuring you’re reaping the most out of your biggest investments.
Aiding in the recovery following a natural disaster.

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Topics: Consulting & Advisory, Business Planning, Executive Leadership, Technology Impacts on Daily Life, Business Applications, Innovative Solutions, Overcoming Business Roadblocks, Thinking Outside the Box, Technology in Action, Real World Examples

Driving Success with Continuous Engagement

Posted by Sandi Piatz on May 20, 2015

In past blogs I have explained the importance of shifting perspectives to provide meaningful value to your customers. A focus on the experience of your customers can provide actionable insights into the successes and short fallings of your business, as well as help foster brand loyalty over time. But how do you take those identified successes and create recurring, lucrative opportunities for your organization?

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Topics: Consulting & Advisory, Business Planning, Continuous Engagement, Executive Leadership, Customer Success, Repeat Buyers, Business Development Strategy, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Lifecycle, value proposition, Customer Experience, Nurture Marketing, Building Trust and Brand Loyalty

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